( Dirty water )

For this God is our God for ever and ever; he will be our guide even to the end. (‭Psalm‬ ‭48‬:‭14‬ NIV)

So, I went to the park today and sat there for a while with a good friend, after a long morning/day of attempting to figure out loans, financial aid paperwork, and whether or not Grace College is actually going to work for me. At 3 pm, we still weren’t sure, so I left and met my friend at this park. By the way things look right now, it doesn’t seem like the possibility is there much for Grace. I have been so stressed out with this situation… So many circles, even after having my heart set on Grace, actually keeping everything that I ever got from them and trying to make it work; it doesn’t seem to matter right now. And, that’s okay I guess. God doesn’t go with our plan A. Looks like community college, here I come. I don’t know.

As my friend and I watched the overly flooded water from the little creek/river flow by us as we sat by the edge at this park, it of course had random things in it. It really does seem gross at first when you see a creek. First, comes the smell… Oh my word, the SMELL of dirty water and the unimaginable “floaties”… Second, comes the people who go by you as you’re debating whether or not you want your feet in it. Do you risk just going for the feel of the film, sticks, and bugs just to cool off or honestly, let’s face it, to just feel it? Third, comes the other people, who really are just kiddos, exploring. Today the creek was flooded and there’s no way that two little girls could get across to the other side, which was where my friend and I were, without them being swept away by the water… The currents were too strong. They said hi to us and asked what they should do to get across. At this time, one girl looked as though she was seriously debating on going across the water. So, using the “mom” voice I apparently have when I get scared for someone’s safety, I yelled at them to not go across the water and to just go back the way they came. Both of the girls listened, turned back, and I was surprised. 

I started to think about how God’s like that. He can sometimes “shout” to us to turn back to himself when we start to go off the path. Most of time, it’s not a literal shout, although God could do that. It’s more like something happens in our life that we can’t deal with on our own, or something that is really going to hurt us and God just wants to protect us; so he can warn us with something being brought majorly to our attention. Maybe something else too. That looks different for everyone. But it was represented with these two girls too, in a way. Just think about what may have happened if she went and tried to go across the flooded water with strong currents?! She may not have been able to get back. She may not have been okay right now. Imagine if God didn’t show us how to turn back when we’re intentional about leaving him? Imagine if the little girl’s friend would have followed her lead in wanting to try and go across the water instead of being the cautious one that she was? I constantly heard her questioning her friend about what they were doing; but she trusted her and followed her lead. –We do that with God too, right? We question His lead sometimes. But, with God, we should know that he knows what He’s doing. We don’t have to question God’s lead, we just need to question whether or not we ourselves are trying to take that lead… Does God have your heart? Does he have the lead even with the dirty water when you want to just go across?


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