First blog!! Oh man!

Hi!! My name’s Kristie and if you clicked on the link somewhere because of me, then you already knew that. But, I’m so glad you clicked it! I decided to start or at least decided to try starting a blog for encouragement. Why? Well, first off, encouragement is mutual. Through trying to encourage you, I will also be encouraged. Sometimes too, in order to make it, you need encouragement. So, even if no one reads these blogs, encouragement still happens. But, I hope you find reading these blogs worth while anyway, haha! defines encouraging as “inspiring with courage, spirit, or confidence.” So through creating and sharing these blogs with you and through the Holy Spirit in me; I hope to inspire you, help you to realize your potential, get out of the box, and boost the confidence that I know is within you and myself. Thank you for reading 🙂 Have an awesome evening!


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