YOU are so beyond •••

You are so beyond valuable that even these words that I’ve cried over, can’t express how valuable you are. Man or woman. Girl or boy. Saved or unsaved. In agreement with me or not. Virgin or not. Whether you waited for marriage or you didn’t. Whether you have slept with one person or slept with too many to count on both hands. Maybe you struggle with self-harm and you express those feelings that you can’t put into words, distract yourself from your life, or to release emotional pain. You probably feel better for a short time after, but when the painful feelings come back, you feel the urge to hurt yourself again. Maybe you struggle with a sexual sin and you just can’t seem to stop thinking a certain way, lusting after that girl or boy a certain way, or even hurting yourself like that. Remember this: You deserve to feel better, and you CAN get there without hurting yourself. You don’t have to hurt yourself for a moment of temporary relief, when you can have full relief in the sight of the cross. Maybe, you struggle with feeling like you’re worth it and you’ve never done anything like those other things listed. Maybe you just struggle with thoughts of “I wish I was like him… Or her… Then I would…” Jesus WANTS to take your pain because of his everlasting love for you, friend. You’re not forgotten. You are FULL of worth and value. You are worth SO much that Christ gave his life for you, knowing your sin just as he knows mine and He still loves you. I believe that you are NEITHER worthless or invaluable but are instead the most precious, most beyond valuable thing ever created. I really do.


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