“Amidst the protest signs, yelling crowds, and political referendums, the simple message of Jesus’ love for you is often drowned out. Never doubt that Jesus loves you more than you could ever know. Jesus doesn’t just love a future version of you; He loves you exactly as you are right now. Jesus’ love for you has no prerequisites or requirements. Even if you hate Him, Jesus loves you and wants what is best for you. Love is at the core of everything Jesus taught. Unfortunately His message of love has been conveniently left out by many who would rather make a point than make a difference.”

I am deeply concerned, just like many people are. Especially as a believer and just the rundown of the many things that have gotten national attention lately. It has been crazy to live in this generation of young adults. Our generation wants so much and doesn’t know how to handle so little. 

When I write that I am deeply concerned, I mean, that I am deeply concerned about people. Not particularly the issues and foreknowledge that some believe, just about people. That’s how Jesus wants Christians to  be as well. Jesus doesn’t care about how we get to where we are, He just cares about us. He cares about you. He has the ability to meet you where you are, which, is why he doesn’t really care about how you got there as much as he does you! 

So, don’t make a point, make a difference. People matter and they are certainly not going to care about what you have to say or what you think/know to be true, if you’re shoving it down their throat with hell fire and blazing torches.


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