{ Future }

The future is scary. We’re all learning. There’s definitely a difference in how we handle the fear. So today, I tried to attack the choice that I’m making to attend OSU Marion this year, to take my general classes, by going to two different churches in Marion close to campus. I’ve been to Marion several times to shop with my grandma… But never did I think that I’d go to school there or even possibly live there. The culture is different. The people are different. I’m learning that my certainty definitely cannot come from what I try to hold to that isn’t Jesus. So, that includes my fear of the future and desiring support from others for what I want to do or could do. Going to Jesus first does change things. (thanks @natosninja for that reminder this week) I was one of maybe two to three young adults/teenagers in both of these different churches. The population of Marion being about 36,800 people, about 40 were in both church services. But, wow though… Granted, campus living won’t happen until August, but come on church?! To be surrounded by a campus of about 3,000 students, in which some are taking summer classes, there should be more high school/college ministry. Especially if you’re on the SAME street! I think God changed my direction partially for this very reason. Marion is going to be my mission field this year. Marion needs Jesus. Even when I have lived in some fear for some time, caused chaos within myself and with how people have felt about me and have personally told me, because of my poor decision making; hear me out when you may read this… It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter in comparison to how God is going to use others and myself for His Kingdom and to just grow Marion this year with these people, regardless of their past, who they think they are, or what they said they would or wouldn’t do. Today has just spoken volumes to me and God, just wants to use Marion for so much greater than what it is now. People just aren’t attentive to greater, not like they could be. The gospel is not dry. It’s not boring. Jesus is not just for old people. Jesus is for YOU. And, starting today, I believe that Jesus is for Marion too.


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