When God wakes you up•

“You rule the raging of the sea; when its waves rise, You still them.” Psalm 89:9

Not even just literally water waves, but our waves. The feeling kind of waves. The waves of doubt, unworthiness, shame, guilt, happiness, peace, faithfulness, recognition… God can still it all… This morning, God woke me up at 5 am. I was almost immediately bombarded by terrible thoughts. Thoughts about what I found that I shouldn’t have. Too often we can go looking for trouble and our thoughts do that sometimes. They want to be occupied and so therefore, just go with it. They look for something to think. But God can still these waves. He can still this darkness that continually and daily gets at each of us. 

God, today, this morning, I need you. I need you to still these waves of regret and longing. I need you to enter into my thoughts and just take over. I need you to be all and everything I need. I don’t even need everything. But I need you. God, you are mighty and strong. Show me that. Show me that even in my weakness, you are. I know you are faithful but help me to see it. Help me to see that even when the people around me want nothing to do with you that you are what matters anyway.


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