MVA Church of Christ

Let me just tell you a bit about the church experience I had yesterday because it was just amazing. Too often we hear crap with churches. I hope this shines a little light on the good stuff. A girl that I met, later ended up sharing in front of the church her story and about a choice that she made. I had no idea she would do that. The church loved on her and gave her grace and even though the choice that she made will impact her life from now on, they still desire to show her love and made a claim that they won’t kick her out even though that was her biggest fear. She still managed to smile and had an overwhelming sense of confidence in the face of adversity… It can only come from God. This woman who wasn’t even her mother stood beside her and had her arm around her the entire time she shared- her mother wasn’t there- and she didn’t have to share. She could’ve let people find out on their own. She was one of the bravest and most beautiful women I have gotten to meet in a while. A guy in the small group I was a part of before the service, was baptized during the service and he talked about how he had a stroke in 2012 and how his wife has stood by his side; but God has had a plan for it all and he couldn’t remember the time before when he was a kid that everyone else said that he was baptized. So he made the choice again to remember and made his faith known. The people were just real. These people were a part of Marion. These people are going to be my neighbors. Oh, yeah, they have a college ministry too and they’re focused on outreach and community. That’s what’s up church. #



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