I found this article by John MacArthur that brought even more clarity to my thought process, as well as that sermon too. I think in order to be truly mature it can still only come from Jesus. Spiritual maturity is what matters. 1. We really need to strengthen our conviction in God’s word… Like if it doesn’t matter or mean what it truly could, what does it mean? Do we live like God wants us to? Are we seeing what we should be seeing or do we just need to look around?! 2. We need to be kept from worldly approaches. This is hard. We’re surrounded by shadows in which we hear echoes and those aren’t even real half the time. People around us are blind. But, with Jesus and the Holy Spirit we can really see. We need to really see. 3. We should strive to be good interpreters of God’s word. If we don’t understand what it means or how a verse or something applies to our lives, we need to ask God for wisdom. We need to be willing for God to work and show us how to share with someone else. 4. We need to confront sin, man. Sin clogs the pores (haha) of our life. We want clear spiritual skin. We want to be like Jesus, right? Or, we should be striving for Jesus. Complacency kills. Once again, as individuals, we just have to realize and recognize who we are and that we’re special and called to give what we have to offer. God’s presence isn’t about fixing our problems, it’s about fixing our perspectives. God wants to go deeper and that’s why maturity is important. With immaturity comes only surface levels.


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