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Have confidence.
Moses didn’t believe in himself. He didn’t have confidence in his abilities. He even begged and argued with God to use someone else. But eventually he gave in, allowed God to use him, and because of that he was used to save millions of people from slavery. But it took overcoming insecurity to be used in that great way.
How about you? Do you need to be a more confident person?
Maybe you believe the lies: You’re not good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, popular enough.
God has made you … well … you. And He wants to use you for great things. You just need to have the confidence.
Here are five attributes of a confident person.
They believe in themselves.

They talk with authority.

They look people in the eyes.

They don’t worry about what others think of them.

They stand up for what’s right no matter what.

Confident people often live out great stories.
So, where do you need more confidence in your life? Pray to God that He will give you confidence in that area.
And know this; when you live with confidence that God can use you for great things, that’s when you will start to see your story get better.


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