The Lord of Patience

“But, God being rich in mercy, because of the great love with which he loved us, even while we were in sin, made us alive together with Jesus!” Ephesians 2:4-5. I’m living proof when I say this, God is SO beautiful when displaying His unusual patience. My God is the Lord of patience. It’s weird when you have to remove yourself, sometimes without much of a choice, from a certain situation to see something differently or even clearly. But, through that removal, God can restore you. Through distancing ourselves purposely from a habit or a person that we know isn’t okay for us, we realize that we’re made for more. For me through that kind of removal, it has been a continual realization more deeply that as individuals we’re created for God’s glory and not our own. Being created for God’s glory isn’t simple, but what it means is simple. God isn’t confusing. God’s glory is something that will last forever, unlike my own glory. I can certainly want something but it may not be the best thing for me. I’m realizing that’s probably why God’s so patient toward us. We don’t always remember that or keep that in our heart as being something important. We don’t really want to glorify God all the time, let’s be honest. I have stories about crap too where God has protected me undeservingly and I probably shouldn’t be here or writing this. I know that I personally don’t deserve to even write or talk about Jesus and get to. I know that some people couldn’t care less. But, I just get to be living proof of a lot of sin and a whole bunch more grace. It’s worth sharing and talking about. It’s what I want my life to be about. God’s rich mercy. His great love. His grace. His glory.

Paul’s… I mean, my thorn.

2 Corinthians 12:6-10 talks about Paul’s thorn and how even when he’s weak, he’s also strong. Anyway, I’ve never thought about what this could mean until a little bit ago. Thorns are so tiny. So many people have probably tried to guess what Paul’s thorn was and everything too since he doesn’t specifically say what it is. But here are some more thoughts, if God wanted us to know what that thorn was, he would’ve told us and if God told us what the thorn was, we probably wouldn’t have any kind of opportunity to relate to it. Sometimes, I don’t know about you, but I can disassociate myself from problems because they’re not problems that I understand. And when we don’t understand someone else’s problem sometimes, we see the craziness in that person and not the problem. But, honestly like everyone has a problem that doesn’t make sense. That’s probably why it was harder for Paul to describe it. That’s probably why he tried to pray for God to take it away three times. Little things can hurt bad. Thorns are little. But that little thing that seems to set us back sometimes helps us remember that we need Jesus. Our thorns take us to the throne of God. Have a great rest of the day 🙂

First day 😳

Today is my first day of college and I’m pretty nervous. 
I don’t know what I’m doing or how I’m going to do it. The people who care for me reassure me and encourage me to the point that I know I’m good. God is going to hold my hand.


Last night, my super sweet roomie and I were up for a while talking until close to 1 am. But, since I’m a morning person and can’t sleep-in ever, I’m just so in awe of Jesus. We shared our stories and more of our interests and I got to share the gospel with her and how Jesus has changed my life. The Holy Spirit made a way! She even asked me questions as shy as she is. Throughout the day yesterday, she started to laugh and talk more with me and so she felt more comfortable. I figured out and learned from this that fear helps us to over-exaggerate situations. Fear attempts to tell us that we can’t possibly do something and that God isn’t really going to help. But, it’s just a huge lie! Though she does carry a pocket knife, it’s because she is also scared. I was selfish in some regards to not always keep that in mind. I think this year is going to be alright. God is certainly my helper and when I look up to the mountains, I can know that God still is my helper. He made heaven and earth and he has a plan for our lives. He has a plan to something awesome. He won’t let us stumble in getting to that point either, because He never sleeps or stops looking out for us. God knows when we need shade when it seems too bright of too hard of a situation and he gives us rest. He takes on our fear. He surely protects us from evil… And he watches over us no matter where we go or what we do forever!! Psalm 121 has continually been becoming something personal.