The drain/burn-out

Emotional drainage. Is that really a word? Drainage? Okay, maybe I’ve been to the point recently where I flat out just feel drained. Emotionally. I feel like my car has a flat but the only one who I know can fix it is Jesus.

I actually did see someone struggle with a literal flat tire recently. They were in the process of moving and it was blantantly obvious. The huge semi-like U-Haul and the trailer on the back of the minivan. But, there was a problem with the trailer. The back left tire busted on the highway and by the time they could pull over with all of the traffic, there was no tire left on the rim. They burned rubber. 

We burn out like rubber sometimes too. We reach the raw, emotional rim. 

What do you do when you burn out? Cry? Withdrawl? Are you more irritable? Do you feel alone? Do you feed your ego by doing stupid things to forget about the burn out?

What are good ways to deal with a burn-out?

Take some time to yourself. Removing distractions for a short time and learning to relax can take you out of the burnout situation for however long you need. Whether it’s reading God’s word, taking a nap, sitting down with a good book or just lying on your couch with soft music playing, taking a break and taking time for yourself to unwind can work wonders on the feeling of burnout.

Take a walk or a jog. Exercise has proven to be beneficial not only for physical health but also for mental health. It boosts serotonin and dopamine and creates a calming experience for those who exercise regularly. There’s also something about getting out in nature that seems to relax you. It also gives you ample time to think and go over the things that are bothering you. Maybe you can come up with a solution.

Keep in mind that these are all temporary fixes that can help in the short term. Ultimately God is the only One who can get us to where we can be. It may also be time to reevaluate things and make some life changes that have been waiting to be made anyway. The easiest way to avoid burnout is to enjoy what you do. Life can be enjoyable too. So, be grateful.


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