Last night, my super sweet roomie and I were up for a while talking until close to 1 am. But, since I’m a morning person and can’t sleep-in ever, I’m just so in awe of Jesus. We shared our stories and more of our interests and I got to share the gospel with her and how Jesus has changed my life. The Holy Spirit made a way! She even asked me questions as shy as she is. Throughout the day yesterday, she started to laugh and talk more with me and so she felt more comfortable. I figured out and learned from this that fear helps us to over-exaggerate situations. Fear attempts to tell us that we can’t possibly do something and that God isn’t really going to help. But, it’s just a huge lie! Though she does carry a pocket knife, it’s because she is also scared. I was selfish in some regards to not always keep that in mind. I think this year is going to be alright. God is certainly my helper and when I look up to the mountains, I can know that God still is my helper. He made heaven and earth and he has a plan for our lives. He has a plan to something awesome. He won’t let us stumble in getting to that point either, because He never sleeps or stops looking out for us. God knows when we need shade when it seems too bright of too hard of a situation and he gives us rest. He takes on our fear. He surely protects us from evil… And he watches over us no matter where we go or what we do forever!! Psalm 121 has continually been becoming something personal.


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