Every Person Has A Story


Tell yours.

I know there are those that truly don’t care–they judge you by what they see.

But there are others who need to hear it and will be blessed if you do.

We can all be guilty of being self-focused, talking only about ourselves, but there is also the danger of living a facade–not letting other see who you really are.

I’ve never been good at “faking it”.  It’s difficult for me to paste a smile on my face when I’m upset or down.  When I don’t feel well I want to curl up in my covers and hibernate–it’s too much work to push forward and try to pretend I’m okay.  I’ve learned what my limits are, and I choose to be real rather than adopt the “suck it up and go” mentality.

What that means is, while I still function, I will try to not let my circumstances steal my…

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