Rooted in righteousness

“No one is established by wickedness, but the root of the righteous will never be moved.” Proverbs 12:3. This one got me this morning for some reason. I think so often we try to hold onto things, thoughts, feelings, and those things that we try to hold onto, attempt to become our foundation for other things. Sometimes, God calls us to let go. Sometimes, He desires for us to wait and hold out for His timing. Sometimes, He wants something for us that we don’t even realize at a certain time. He wants what is good and what will not harm us, for US, but to be able to glorify Himself. Crazy love. But, I guess the thing I’m trying to say here, is that some “things” we hang onto are wicked. They’re not good for us. God is gentle and He is willing to give us grace in letting those things that aren’t good, go. But, that doesn’t and shouldn’t make it easier. Gentleness and grace from God just makes it so much better. Rooting ourselves in righteousness, is basically just rooting ourselves in the unfailing love of God. Grace. God never moves. He never will. We can hold fast to that truth and that promise. Sometimes, I think we can tell ourselves that we have the right to feel a certain way. Maybe, in some cases, that is true. We choose how to look at situations in our lives. But, the point is that we can acknowledge that God is the one who chose us. He chose us for righteousness, because of Himself. Grace. Crazy. Have a great day!


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