What makes us so embarrassed about the gospel? What makes us fearful in talking to our roommate who doesn’t know Jesus? Ourselves. Myself. This morning, I’m sitting here and realizing once again, that I can be embarrassed by the gospel. I can be embarrassed by my poor thoughts. Sometimes, selfishness comes in the worst but littlest ways. People that we know assume that Christianity offers many different things, some are not even what it actually is. We make things too complicated. In not having Christ, we have nothing. In him, we have everything. The cross is enough. Jesus is all there is to offer because he is all that we need. I write that, without much life experience, but I think when we know Jesus, he still proves this- no matter what or how small a situation or how long our lifespan has been. The cross is enough. One day, if we know Jesus, we will be like him. But, until then, we need to pursue Christlikeness. In Him, we are complete. In Him, we have complete victory. Jesus paid it all. When we let fear get in the way, we lose the pursuit of Christlikeness for selfness. Worldliness. I know that Jesus is all I need because he’s proven that, but knowing is different from believing and desiring. His righteousness, we will never fully understand. His grace, is upon other graces, and upon other graces. We have a God who does great things. We have a God who can cast out fear, regardless of who we want to believe that we are at a certain time or if we’re too lazy to get out of bed. God doesn’t have to give us another morning to wake up and breathe. He doesn’t have to give me another chance with Megan and to overcome some kind of crazy fear. But, because God is like no one else, he’s going to do great things today. He’s capable of restoring relationships/friendships/roommates.


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