Rainy days.

If someone ever tells ya that you shouldn’t be happy because it’s raining and cloudy outside; just smile bigger, laugh more, and give them something to smile and laugh about.



Lord, You’re holy.

“For Christ also suffered once for sins, the righteous for the unrighteous, the he might bring us to God, being put to death in the flesh but made alive in the spirit…” 1 Peter 3:18. It’s so crazy to think of this. We can’t even fully comprehend God’s greatness at its fullest capacity. Jesus wanted to present us to God without an ounce of blame because of OUR sin. God’s holy… Like, we shouldn’t even get to be in his presence. But, because of Jesus, we get to. We get to have eternity with God and we get to live our lives here with him!! There’s a song called Lord of Patience by Shai Linne and in it, it says, “All reasons not to come to Jesus are just excuses.” How crazy is his love, that even when we want to make excuses, his grace doesn’t run out!? 🙂 Have a great Saturday!!